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her right arm (half-way up her forearm) is robotic after she survived a terrible car crash that killed her little brother and greatly injured her mom (Hilda)

Fairy Tail?  Only if we say Cyborg Couple ♥ | © Sedorrr (detail)

Genesis Bot and Cyber Renderer: DAZ Studio Pro Postwork: Photoshop Cyborg Couple

Sci-Fi Image of the Day: ‘Robot Space Trooper’ Robot Space Trooper Yoshiya/Cragstan (Japan) 1950s

Sci-Fi stolen robot Image of the Day: ‘Robot Space Trooper’ Robot Space Trooper Yoshiya/Cragstan (Japan)

2nd row, 3rd robot - use chalkboard paint?

Robots Wall Decal set of 12 funky robots - boys room wall decals - space robot wall stickers - 12 alien android funky robots wall decals

Modern Robot Birthday Party + Free Printables!

Modern Robot Birthday Party + Free Printables

There are tons of fantastic details in this colorful & modern Robot Birthday Party that the talented Jasmine from The Couture Cakery created for her so

Baby Boy Nursery Print Art  Robot Nursery by RhondavousDesigns2

Baby Boy Rotbo Nursery Art: This six-print set features six robot images on a chevron background in light gray (although any color may be

Diving Suit by *cat-meff # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android, sci-fi, science fiction, cyber girl, digital art

Diving Suit by *cat-meff # cyberpunk, robot girl, cyborg, futuristic, android… Hashtags: