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Maid Marian as the Night Watchman. BBC Robin Hood. Love how powerfully she is depicted in this series, though she gets really foolish towards the end...

3'd think the bad guys would learn that Robin Hood is immune to actual death...near death experiences, no; but death, yes. XD


One of the funniest scenes! I love how Djaq was just like, "Special Girls' Food". Robin Hood bbc


Favorite Bad Guy: If you've seen my board then you know my answer - Guy of Gisborne! His character held a kind of depth that made me wish he could be redeemed! Yes, he was evil at times, but he did have some humanity in him. I also loved his back story in series three - it showed a lot of things that helped me understand him better, and plus he and Meg were amazing together!


I always get excited whenever he says this. I know it's gonna be good! | Old-Fashioned Charm: Robin Hood (BBC TV Series)