This shows the difference between Robin from "Teen Titans" and Robin from Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans GO!" Robin is very cool, collected, and calm in Teen Titans, while CN's new Robin is extremely hyper, ready to jump at anything, and is actually extremely annoying, yet hilarious.

The better Robin (right) versus the little Robin (left) from titans go. Bet the better Robin wins.

Red X from Teen Titans ( Young Justice style)

I still wanna know who this bastard is. Well Red X has got to be one of my most favorite Cartoon-Only-Character. Red X YJ Style

I don't know which robin this is but I'm just going to say Jason because I really want this to be him.

I imagine that as Jason reaching for batmans love and batman finally giving it…

Uhh...hi I'm robin the ORIGINAL leader of the teen titans. Someone broke into the Titans tower and found me and talked me into going here. I'm supposed to look for a person named @sbates1999 ?

If your a fan of old teen titans take this quiz to find which Tenn Titans Match you. Story Leading the Teen Titans to protect Earth is Robin, formerly Batman’s sidekick. He has no special pow…

The best thing I have ever seen, and I TOTALLY 100% agree

Aqua Lad and Robin - Teen Titans GO! - I miss the old Teen Titans. Teen Titans GO! is a funny, chibi version of Teen Titans, but I want the old Teen Titans back. Let's have some new episodes of Teen Titans.

Starfire from Teen Titans  I LOVE Starfire to death. She's one of the few superheros I know a lot of details about.


Starfire from Teen Titans (Cartoon Version).Cute and deadly.and those big, green eyes look so innocent.