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Mary Todd Lincoln (Sally Field) embraces her son Robert Todd Lincoln (Joseph Gordon Levitt) as he returns home.

Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, considered this piece to be the most lifelike portrait of his father in sculpture.


Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882 Robert Todd Lincoln 1843-1926 Mary Harlan Lincoln 1846-1937 Mary (Mamie) Lincoln 1869-1938 Abraham (Jack) Lincoln II 1873-1890 Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Johnson Randolph, 1875-1948 Lincoln Isham I892-1971 Mary (Peggy) Lincoln Beckwith 1898-1975 Robert Lincoln Beckwith 1904-1985


Romantic Rivals: John Wilkes Booth and Robert Todd Lincoln

Robert Todd Lincoln


Mary Todd Lincoln to be retried for insanity

One hundred and 30 years after her death, Mary Todd Lincoln will be retried for insanity. The former first lady was declared insane 10 years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, when her son Robert Todd Lincoln had her committed.


Chief Justice Taft, President Harding and Robert Todd Lincoln at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in 1922