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Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith (1904 - 1985) was the great grandson of Abraham Lincoln. In 1975, he became the last undisputed descendant of Lincoln when his sister "Peggy" Beckwith, died without children.


Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882 Robert Todd Lincoln 1843-1926 Mary Harlan Lincoln 1846-1937 Mary (Mamie) Lincoln 1869-1938 Abraham (Jack) Lincoln II 1873-1890 Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Johnson Randolph, 1875-1948 Lincoln Isham I892-1971 Mary (Peggy) Lincoln Beckwith 1898-1975 Robert Lincoln Beckwith 1904-1985


Jessie Lincoln, second daughter of Robert Todd Lincoln, granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln


*MARY HARLAN LINCOLN ~ Wife of Robert Todd Lincoln+daugher of U.S. Senator James Harlan of Iowa.She met Robert in WA while his father was President.They were married in 1866 at Senator Harlan's home.She was very good friends with Mrs. Benjamin Harrison, under whom Robert served as Minister to Great Britain.She died in WA, DC, on March 31,1937+was buried with her husband+their only son,Abraham Lincoln II,in Section 31 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham and Mary's first child, was born August 1, 1843. Robert, who was named for his mother's father, was born in downtown Springfield, Illinois, in the Globe Tavern (pictured to the right; Illinois State Historical Library photograph) where the Lincolns lived after their marriage in 1842.


Jessie Harlan Lincoln (1875 - 1948) was the second daughter of Robert Todd Lincoln, the granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln, and the mother of Mary Lincoln Beckwith and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, the last undisputed Lincoln descendant


Wedding day photograph of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd taken November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois after three years of a stormy courtship and a broken engagement.


Robert Lincoln's grandchildren, Mary and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith with Dwight E. Eisenhower


Mary Lincoln "Peggy" Beckwith (1898 - 1975) was a prominent descendant of Abraham Lincoln. She was one of the last two descendants (great grandchildren) of Abraham Lincoln, along with her brother Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith