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Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882 Robert Todd Lincoln 1843-1926 Mary Harlan Lincoln 1846-1937 Mary (Mamie) Lincoln 1869-1938 Abraham (Jack) Lincoln II 1873-1890 Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Johnson Randolph, 1875-1948 Lincoln Isham I892-1971 Mary (Peggy) Lincoln Beckwith 1898-1975 Robert Lincoln Beckwith 1904-1985


Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith (1904 - 1985) was the great grandson of Abraham Lincoln. In 1975, he became the last undisputed descendant of Lincoln when his sister "Peggy" Beckwith, died without children.


Mary Lincoln "Peggy" Beckwith - the last of the Lincolns - Abe's great-grandaughter. She lived at Hildene in Manchester VT, the home her grandfather Robert Todd Lincoln built. She was eccentric to say the least.


Jessie Harlan Lincoln (1875 - 1948) was the second daughter of Robert Todd Lincoln, the granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln, and the mother of Mary Lincoln Beckwith and Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, the last undisputed Lincoln descendant


Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, President Lincoln's great grandson and last descendant, married three times and lived to be 84 years of age. As was the case with Lincoln's two other great grandchildren, he did not have any children thus ending the Lincoln line of descendants.