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The cast of Star Trek Voyager - The Doctor/Robert Picardo, Harry Kim/Garrett Wang, B'Elanna Torres/Roxann Dawson, Chakotay/Robert Beltran, Kathryn Janeway/Kate Mulgrew, Tom Paris/Robert Duncan McNeill, Seven of Nine/Jeri Ryan, Tuvok/Tim Russ & Neelix/Ethan Phillips


Robert Picardo Talks To TrekMovie About ‘Femme Fatales’ & His ‘Hope’ To Get Into Next Star Trek Movie |


In SyFy's Morlocks, Robert Picardo is an officer willing to risk humanity's future to save his son. Any resemblance to H.G. Wells' Morlocks is purely coincidental.

Torino Comics: Silver, Corrado Mastantuono, Robert PIcardo et al. -

Picardo's Planetary Post: OSIRIS-REx launch Scott Kelly & Bloopers Hello readers. Robert Picardo here again. My final Planetary Post of 2016 celebrates a very exciting year in space exploration. We feature spectacular footage of the OSIRIS-REx launch astronaut Scott Kelly's historic 340-day mission and much more. Plus-- our bonus bloopers and outtakes are guaranteed to make you laugh more than yet another viewing of TOS bloopers that you have by now watched entirely too many…

Three Star Trek legends together Levar Burton (Geordi Laforge) Brent Spiner (Data) & Robert Picardo (EMH) by RAS Tres leyendas de Star Trek juntos , Levar Burton , Brent Spiner y Robert Picardo #RobertPicardo #LevarBurton #BrentSpiner


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Robert Picardo with the movie prop Gort's head from "The Day the Earth Stood Still." (via @robertpicardo on twitter)