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The White House Has Been LYING About That Ex-FBI Agent Missing in Iran for Seven Years, Bombshell AP Report Says ~ ..According to the AP investigation, Levinson was actually on a rogue mission sanctioned by CIA operatives that did not have the power to do so. And the agency paid Levinson’s family millions ($2.5 million, to be exact) to thwart a lawsuit about it. [...] 12/13

Family of American Held In Iran: He Spied for CIA

After years of secrecy, the family of the former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran seven years ago, Robert Levinson, acknowledged today he was working as a "spy" for a rogue CIA operation and accused the CIA, FBI and the Obama administration of "betraying" him by not doing enough to gain his release. "The CIA sent Bob Levinson to Iran to do an investigation on its behalf," said David McGee, a family lawyer and spokesperson deeply involved in efforts to get Levinson released.

REPORT: The US Now Blames Iran For Kidnapping Former FBI Agent Robert Levinson

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The FBI Renews The Search For One Of Its Own

Please share this story- Robert Levinson, longtime FBI agent, was taken hostage in Iran on March 9, 2007. He is the second longest held hostage in American history, but besides that, he is a father, a husband, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend, and someone who is loved by so many. Please share this story, and pray that Bob Levinson will soon be found and returned safely home!

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FBI Reward of $5 Million in Robert Levinson Case

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Document: Iran held Robert Levinson in 2011, wanted U.S. to delay IAEA report for his release

Levinson, Iran, the CIA, and lies

The Real Slim Shady? Levinson, Iran, the CIA, and lies. The US government has been lying for years about Robert Levinson, a man kidnapped in Iran after being sent...

FBI creates Facebook page in Farsi for case of missing former agent Robert Levinson #Cronaca #iNewsPhoto