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Robert Boyle’s “To do list” - WTF fun facts

Robert Boyle’s “To do list” - WTF fun facts (WTF Facts : funny & weird facts)

Boyle, Robert (1627 - 1691): was a 17th-century natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor, also noted for his writings in theology. He has been variously described as Irish, English and Anglo-Irish, his father having come to Ireland from England during the time of the Plantations.

Robert Boyle - natural philosopher, chemist and physicist. He is one of the founders of modern chemistry. He is best known for Boyle's Law which describes the inversely proportional relationship between absolute pressure and volume of a gas.

Clipped Helichrysum petiolare. Design Robert Boyle. Photo Christopher Owen

After agreeing to my last minute suggestion of shooting down to Melbourne for Garden DesignFest, we managed to see three gardens, including two by Robert Boyle.

William Faithorne's engraved portrait of Boyle, with his air-pump in the background, 1664 (Sutherland Collection, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)

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