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For 73 years the Titanic lay on the bottom of the Atlantic, the wreck of the Titanic was finally found on September 1, 1985 by Dr. Robert Ballard. This photograph shows the stem of the Titanic.

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Dr. Robert Ballard explores the haunting wreckage of the Titanic strewn over 1,000 acres of seabed. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! http://event...

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Port anchor of the Titanic still in the same position as when it left Queenstown, Ireland on April 11, 1912. Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic in 1985 and says he has made many more important discoveries--hydrothermal vents deep undersea, new life forms his team discovered in the Galapagos Islands, or ancient shipwrecks buried under the Black Sea. But only the Titanic generated 15,000 letters, mostly from kids. Click on the image for Titanic information.

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USS Yorktown (CV-5) at the bottom, more than 3 miles down — deeper than the wrecks of the Titanic or Bismarck. Discovered in May 1998 by underwater explorer Robert Ballard.

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next previous The Titanic’s port bow rail, chains and an auxiliary anchor boom. Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who found the remains of the Titanic nearly two decades ago, returned to the site and lamented damage done by visitors and souvenir hunters. Close

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