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Hooded Oriole: This beautiful bird, with a mixed flame of yellow and black colours, is a sign of spring and summer in Canada and the United States. The bird is also known for its well-woven nest, which it builds in tall trees.


You've heard the term 'Highway Robbery'? Well, now you know where it comes from; people robbed along the 'highway' by bandits known as 'Highwaymen' as they travelled from one location to another.


{bandits} thrilled with how great these homemade costumes came out this year! we needed last minute costumes fast - enter the bandits! [money bags] blank canvas bags, black paint + circle foam brush from wal•mart [turtleneck] old navy womens section -aj's in an XL! [knit caps + gloves] $1/each from wal•mart [eye masks] simply cut strips from an old black tshirt + cut eye holes [black pants + boots] items we owned! we scurried around the party all night 'stealing' food + drink AND we were…

EastEnders: was call centre bully Oz the masked intruder at the Queen Vic?