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Robb Stark Death

My Reason - Jon Arrym's Niece is sent to Winterfell following his death, which results being reunited with a family member and getting caught up in a war where swords arn't the only things that can cut. RatedM - Romance&Fantasy - Robb.S&Margaery.T - chapters21 - by Phantasmic

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Robb and Talisa, I am willing to wait for a man that smiles at me like that...then I can live happily...or die in a puddle of my own blood, damn you GRRM

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Robb | Jon "I loved my brother." #Stark #Targaryen

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Game of Thrones funny meme @rmalboeuf969 hahahahaha yes I'm having trouble deciding if I should put this on my Disney board or my tv obsession board haha

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.well kind of Robb does the honorable thing in the books by marrying Jeyne because he got a little lusty.

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Daedalus. I'm not sure he'd wear armour , and to be honest this picture isn't giving me that many Daedalus vibes but I don't think there's anyone else with hair like that

18 stunning pieces of 'Game of Thrones' fan art from around the web

Fans seem especially fond of recreating Robb Stark's death at the Red Wedding. Polish artist Ajgiel made this grisly depiction showing a direwolf's head on Robb's arrow-ridden body.

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