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Roast Pumpkin With Feta & Honey

Roasted sweet potatoes with goat cheese and honey (recipe called for pumpkin and feta, but i changed it). Oh. So. Good. Definitely include the honey!!

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Seasonal Snack Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Fries

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Maple Roasted Pumpkin with Chili and Feta

Maple Roasted Pumpkin with Chili and Feta - a dash of maple syrup creates extra caramelisation and the chili adds a great kick!

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The Best Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Roasted Pumpkin Soup. The best pumpkin soup I have ever tried with the added natural sweetness of seasonal root vegetables and roasted garlic. Makes terrific Fall appetizer course or an amazing vegetarian lunch.

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roasted pumpkin with chilli yoghurt and coriander sauce

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Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne

Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne - have made this so many times (admittedly I cheat on the sauces) but it's absolutely delicious. I also add a layer of cherry tomatoes near the top, under the last layer of pasta. It makes such a difference.

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How To Make Roast Pumpkin Chunks

Roast Pumpkin Chunks - A quick and easy roast pumpkin recipe that can be used in countless recipes! Nutty and peppery flavors of the cumin seeds penetrate the flesh of the pumpkin to give it a more complex flavor!! @almondtozest

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Roasted Pumpkin, Beet, Chickpea, and Barley Salad

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