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Healthy lunch recipe. Herby chicken, soft boiled egg, new potato, roasted tomatoes and spinach salad with halloumi cheese. Free on slimming world using healthy extra A

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Beetroot pumpkin seed pesto

A vibrant and flavoursome beetroot pumpkin seed pesto. Great with chicken, pasta or add it to your salad.

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The most awesome chilli jam recipe

I make this every year for cheap-but-wonderful Christmas presents for family and friends. And I always make sure that there is enough made so that I can keep at least six jars for myself. This is brilliant on cheese sandwiches, in a chili, or to pep up some chicken wings.

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Chive flower butter can be used to add colour and flavour to savoury snacks and dishes. Pull apart the flowers and mix the florets with room temp butter. Make into a sausage shape to slice when chilled or put in a ramekin. Leaver several hours for the flavours to develop. Add to baked potatoes, steamed vegetables or grilled fish or meat, or under the skin before roasting chicken; great in sandwiches... | The Edible Flower Shop

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Easy Oven Roasted Chicken Shawarma

Learn how to make this super Easy Oven Roasted Chicken Shawarma, plus an out of this world garlic sauce and prepare your own chicken shawarma wraps. Beats takeout or fast food!

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Traditional Crispiest Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe (Patates Lemonates)

Traditional Crispiest Greek Lemon Potatoes Recipe (Patates Lemonates) 7 large potatoes (maris piper) 3 cloves of garlic, minced olive oil cup) water cup) 1 tablespoon dried oregano juice of 2 lemons 1 teaspoon semolina salt and freshly ground pepper

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