"Junkrat makes a new friend." This is adorable!

Junkrat makes a new friend

I like Junkers, and the idea of this kid turning into a pyromaniac is going around in my head like storm while im laughing.

This "oh shit" moment:

This "oh shit" moment:

Junkrat, Roadhog, Roadrat, Overwatch

Junkrat, Roadhog, Roadrat, Overwatch

Junkrat Tries Cooking

Junkrat Tries Cooking

Junkrat Tries Cooking - completely read that in their respective voices

Hahah :)

LOL. Look at this

Hahah :) Love Lucio, except a good one that boops you off every time on Illios!

LOL!!! :)


as a passionate Lucio main and Roadhog hater I absolutely despised this brawl

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No idea if I should put this in sports or overwatch board 😩

Overwatch Memes

I love taunting/using emotes at the spawn doors

Kid junkrat

so junkrat and roadhog did a body swap: