“River and I would talk about getting old, being in our 50s together, how it’d probably take us that long to get to work together. There was something gorgeous about us being old together. River will be missed — period. I mean now, more than ever I wish I could talk to him. Joaquin Phoenix

Aleka was an imaginary creature who wrote poetry and music and gave up its spirit for the band. — River Phoenix (on ‘Aleka’s Attic.

River Phoenix with younger brother Joaquin. River Phoenix:is an  American musician, film actor, and activist.

River (left) with younger brother Joaquin Phoenix. River Phoenix - He was the oldest brother of fellow actors Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, and Summer Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin. Phoenix.

Um, yes please

Joaquin Phoenix - one of the most talented actors ever. I love to hate the bad guys he plays.