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Those familiar with the game League of Legends may have bee surprised to discover that 2016 was the year the popular videogame's publisher Riot Games decided to enter the tabletop sphere. More surprising still, given this new venture, is how undeniably successful, popular, and fun debut board game, Mechs vs. Minions, emerged to be. Never hitting the store shelves, let alone a Kickstarter page, and distributed solely through their website, it sold massively with production run after produ...

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Riot Games Merch | Welcome to Snowdown!

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Use free Riot Points and play League of Legends League of Legends is among the very most successful multiplayer games ever released. The game can be played for free. Nevertheless, players will have to use Riot Points to be able to advance through the sport. Riot Points work to be an in game money, which may be used to buy game advantages inside the sport. Riot points packs are available from Riot game stores with real money.