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Team Handball Court Diagram and Dimensions (meters) - The playing area should have a hard surface and be a rectangle measuring 40 meters long and 20 meters wide (44 x 22 yards).

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Rio Olympics 2016 in 50 pictures

Badminton Racket What are the badminton terms for the different parts of the racket? The large stringed area with a frame is called the head which is connected to the handle by the shaft.


2016 Rio Olympics - Handball - Preliminary - Men's Preliminary Group B Slovenia v Egypt - (1600×1098)

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Princess Mary arrives in Rio for the Olympics

Where are they? They appeared to have left their children at home, despite attending the L...


#RIO2016 Best of Day 1 - Netherlands' rigth back Sanne van Olphen vies with France's centre back Estelle NzeMinko during the women's preliminaries Group B handball match...


#RIO2016 Best of Day 1 - An Angolan player grabs an official Olympic Games Rio 2016 Handball ball during the women's preliminaries Group A handball match Romania vs Angola...