hasta el infinito y más allás en esta foto creativa y emotiva de los novios con las alianzas de la boda puestas y las manos entrelazadas

Pinky Promise showing off the wedding rings - ah, I'm in love with this photo idea. When Joey and I pinky promise we kiss our pinkies together. might make a cute picture!

These are the wedding ring pictures you have to take on your wedding day - Tap to link now to check out our awesome jewellery!

The Wedding Ring Pictures You Have to Take on Your Big Day

Photo Tip: If you kept it, place rings atop the cork of the champagne bottle you used to celebrate your engagement. Photo by Jasmine Star via Style Me Pretty

cute wedding rings photo. Mr - his ring and - her engagement ring Mrs - her wedding ring!

Bride to Be Reading ~ Cute wedding rings photo. Mr - his ring and - her engagement ring Mrs - her wedding ring!

Wedding Photography | Ring | Night | Sparklers. omg I want my wedding with sparklers!!!! DX

bling bling never gets old

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30 Most Pinned Heart Wedding Photos

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unique wedding photo ideas for shoes with wedding rings

22 Unique Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas to Steal

As an important part of the big day, unique wedding shoes photos rock, whether you option for stylish wedges, sparkly heels or even down-home boots. Here’re some great photo ideas with wedding shoes that you can use o.

One of the best 'show off the ring' pictures I've ever seen

Cute engagement photo ideas and poses to inspire your own session

Clever shot.  It would be perfect if the book they were perched upon was the Bible.  Two people.  United for one lifetime.  Basing their faith and their future on the one firm foundation in this world made out of things that are fleeting.  Love you.  Me.

In the Bible :) Words of the rings. Wedding photography idea artsy Now this is what wedding rings truly represent.