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I have never been happier!! I met the right person, sorted out my head, removed negative impacts and made time for people that matter. Loving life ...only fulfilling my biggest dream could made me happier. It's all down to this quote. I did what made me happy.

from Only For Her

30 + The Best Positive Quotes of the Day

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We've had palmers and baths so all feel more human. Hope you're ok. I bought slippers - when the time is right I would pack warm socks or something- pretty floors but cold. Got the hang of the heating and the key meter. Probably be a week settling in with last bits and cleaning etc.


When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times: "maybe this isn't for me?" - Children are taught they can't do things, they aren't born with an attitude to give up. Teach your child to keep trying when something is hard, they'll always remember it.