RICKY NELSON ORIGINAL TEEN IDOL - Very good biopic on Ricky Nelson. Captures Ricky's rockabilly beginnings with cool scenes featuring the Collins Kids, Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, James Burton, and of course, Elvis.

Rick Nelson

If you were born in that was the year Ricky Nelson became not only a TV star but a huge recording star - his first 5 singles released the year you were born and all of them were hits -- Elvis was getting some completion from Ricky the year you were born!

Rick nelson - Precioso...JM

Ricky Nelson? Seriously?

Ricky Nelson, TV star, teen idol and rock-n-roll singer. I had posters of him on the walls of my room and never missed The Adventures of Ozzie Harriett.

Ricky Nelson 1940 - 1985 (Age 45) Died from Plane crash

Ricky Nelson 1940 - 1985 (Age Died from Plane crash - young Ricky

Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson. I've repinned this a thousand times but I'll never stop

Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson clowning on the set of the Howard Hawks 1959 release movie, 'Rio Bravo' in which they co-stared with John Wayne. This was Ricky's first movie. Supporting cast included Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan, and Ward Bond.