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Bottled water must be delivered to Flint residents in lead crisis, judge rules

Flint resident Lisia Williams shouts as Governor Rick Snyder answers questions from US representatives during a hearing about the Flint water crisis in March.

Obama declares Flint water emergency as Sanders blames Michigan governor

Barack Obama authorises federal emergency aid to city while presidential candidate says Rick Snyder has ‘no excuses’

Flint water crisis: governor's brand of corporate politics set stage for disaster

Michigan governor will release his emails related to Flint's water crisis

During his state of the state address, Rick Snyder announced a $28m request to aid residents whose water last year was found to contain high levels of lead

State of emergency declared over polluted drinking water in Michigan city

Federal officials investigating lead pollution in Flint’s drinking water as Governor Rick Snyder makes state resources available to help recovery

Governor urged to quit after release of emails on Flint legionnaires' outbreak

Michigan Democrat Party urges Gov. Snyder to quit. Governor Rick Snyder speaks during a news conference at the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce in downtown Flint on Wednesday. The Michigan Democrat party has called for him to quit.


Flint water crisis: governor's aides knew of issues within weeks, records suggest

Flint water crisis: governor's aides knew of issues within weeks, records suggest Among 21,000 documents released by Michigan’s governor one shows officials due to discuss Flint ‘water issues’ in June 2014, within weeks of supply switch

Flint water crisis: emails reveal governor Snyder informed of problems a year ago

A protester poses for photo with his sign about Flint’s water crisis. Michigan governor Rick Snyder has been accused of ignoring concerns over quality of the city’s water supply.


How Flint traded safe drinking water for cost-cutting plan that didn't work

Protesters and residents are calling the resignation of Michigan governor Rick Snyder.