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"Maybe you people are better off without me. Go ahead. I say there's a place for us, but maybe it's just another pipe dream, maybe I'm fooling myself again. Why don't you go find out yourself? Send me a postcard! Go on, there's the door. You can do better, let's see how far you get. No takers? Fine, but get one thing straight. If you're staying, this isn't a democracy anymore." -Rick Grimes

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Rick Grimes cosplay Halloween 2014

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Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) | I stared at this for 15 minutes to make sure this wasn't actually Andrew Lincoln. Still not sure...

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In the show, "The Walking Dead," Rick Grimes is an epic hero because throughout the story of the show, he protects the people he loves from not only the zombies, which are also known as "walkers," but what the apocalypse has done to humanity itself.

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"Rick Grimes Costume" by fjackets ❤ liked on Polyvore

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