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Top 10 des gens les plus tatoués du monde, ça picote rien que de regarder

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Good headshot of Zombie Boy, Rick Genest - find it disturbing that I'm slightly in love with him.

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Rick Genest is the most beautiful person I have ever seen and I want to marry him <3

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Floral Zombie Editorials

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I only wanted to see the movie 47 Ronin for the moments Rick had screen time :P

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Rick Genest. Still good looking without the tattoos that give the illusion of a chiseled jawline. Adorable smile dimples!

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Baron Samedi - this is one of the most sinister human model interpretations I've seen which still holds an elegance about it I feel. I love the detail such as the metal claws and the rawness not to mention the make-up, and not clothes to be seen! Inspiring accessories.

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"Everybody has their own opinion and own ideas of what beauty is." Rick Genest aka: Zombie Boy ---- A beautiful person inside and out! (Click on pic to view animated gif images)

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I can't get over this picture. This beautiful creature holding that beautiful little creation.... it's like a sentimental porno.

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The 29 Most Striking Sugar Skull Portraits

An image of Rick Genests tattoos. I love the attention to the minute intricate details of the muscles and it really just shows you what we are all like underneath.

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