Taylor and Burton  Two people with incredible passion and love for each other but just could not make it work.

Ava Gardner and Richard Burton, July 1964 - knowing nothing about the backstory, can't you just tell these two had a genuine affection for each other?

Elizabeth Taylor & Sammy Davis Jr. watch their spouses, Richard Burton & May Britt kiss....

Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr watch their spouses Richard Burton and May Britt kiss, photographed by Leonard McCombe,

First time round: Taylor and Burton at their first wedding in 1964

Elizabeth Taylor takes Richard Burton's 'affirmation of love' to the grave after being buried with his last ever love letter to her

Credit: SNAP /Rex Features Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton wedding number one.

Taylor promptly ditched her third spouse, Eddie Fisher, after beginning an affair with Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra. 'I don't remember much about Cleopatra,' she said later. 'There were a lot of other things going on.' Their relationship was loving but tempestuous. They were married first from 1964 to 1974 and then again between 1975 and 1976

Elizabeth Taylor: A life in pictures

Richard Taylor and Elizabeth Burton. At the height of their fame.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Together again? There had been speculation Taylor, pictured in would be buried with her ex-husband Richard Burton in Switzerland

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Dame Elizabeth Taylor with her children - 2000 - Backrow: Son Michael Wilding, Jr. & his spouse, Chris' spouse, Christopher Wilding. On each side of Liz, is daughter Maria Burton & Liza Todd.

Richard Burton and Jean Simmons

The Robe - Richard Burton & Jean Simmons

"Szata"- Jean Simmons, Richard Burton - 1953.-tunique_30060_4ea655c12c058837cb008ab7_1320202721.jpg (670×377)

"Szata"- Jean Simmons, Richard Burton - Movie, The Robe

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as Cleopatra and Marc Antony

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Cleopatra)

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the film The Comedians, 1967. Via hollywoodlady.tumblr.com

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the film The Comedians, 1967


New book reveals Richard Burton’s private diaries

jonersbyrne: “ Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ”

The great love of her life: Elizabeth married Richard Burton twice, from and then from

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, 1964

Elizabeth Taylor  Year: 1964 Dress: Costume Designer Irene Sharaff ​Spouse: Richard Burton (Wedding One) #jayfederjewelers

The 18 Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time

The Bride Wore Braids: Elizabeth Taylor, Margherita Missoni, and

Taylor Burton

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, aka Liz and Dick.