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richard gansey iii

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Sometimes memories of Jacob would flicker in her mind, like a broken television that only shows a blurred picture.

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#EastEnders cast: Richard Blackwood joins Albert Square as new villain and will be part of the live episode to celebrate the 30th anniversary. #soapnews

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The girls are held at the police station for further questioning. They are suspects but don't understand why. Their personalities clash and they unite over their knowledge of what happened and not being able to tell the authorities. Chloe flirts with the young police officer called Martin, reversing the stereotype of the male control, but the other officers tell her to sit down.

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Welcome to TOHSS, also known as Team Of Highly Skilled Spies. You have been chosen for this program because of your skills, intuition, and determination. This program is highly secret-even more than the CIA-and few know of our existence. TOHSS is made of highly skilled men and women. *This Roleplay is held during the 1930's, however there is advanced technology. *

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Brother of EastEnders star jailed after being caught 'littering' drugs

Richard Blackwood (pictured) joined the EastEnders cast early last year...

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"We don't need the police. We can solve this ourselves." Fred. Everyday. All the time.

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Jennifer Metcalfe rubber dress wins Sexiest Female at Inside Soap

Suave style: Richard Blackwood hit the red carpet alongside other members of the cast of EastEnders, cutting a suave figure in a dark blue suit and black suede loafers

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