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Richard Armitage Wife

'I have found that holy place of rest Still changeless.' MRS. HEMANS. When Mr. Thornton had left the house that morning he was almost blinded by his baffled passion. He was as dizzy as if Margaret, instead of looking, and speaking, and moving like a tender graceful woman, had been a sturdy fish-wife, and given him a sound blow with her fists. He had positive bodily pain, - a violent headache, and a throbbing intermittent.. - Chapter XXVI, Mother and Son, North and South #elizabethgaskell…


If he wasn’t careful, he could love her. Dear God. He wouldn’t allow that to happen. Couldn’t allow that to happen. As they reached the dry sanctuary of the library once more, he turned his mind to the task at hand. Getting his wife naked. He kissed her again, then began working on her buttons. from Her Lovestruck Lord by Scarlett Scott


From AgzyM: Richard Armitage has no time for autograph resellers

Richard Armitage has no time for autograph resellers | Me + Richard Armitage ... There were 2 autograph hunters in line. Richard took one look at them and said: I'm not signing that! Respect! 7:22 AM - 8 Jul 2014


Thespian Thursday: Recent Richard Armitage Portraits are Awe Inspiring, August 28, 2014 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #625)