Richard Armitage on being a brooder. Hey, the brood is pretty sexy.

Richard Armitage on being a brooder. It has served him very well as John Thornton, Guy of Gisborne and Thorin Oakenshield!

#RAFlash: I saw something fine.  North And South  Who can forget this moment as Margaret's coach left the courtyard.  He didn't say much, but so much was moving over his face in tiny moments.  I'll never forget it♥

" John Thornton, North and South (BBC, The definitive Richard Armitage performance, from the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.

"That look! I get giddy every time." I am literally re-watching this scene over and over and over everyday since I first saw it. Too amazing!

Enchanted Serenity of Period Films: North & South told in "Motivationals"

Richard Armitage he's pretty much amazing

very hard to keep calm. I'll content myself by continuing to watch his older stuff.

Richard Armitage || bad-tempered and moody? Ha!  Richard speaks about playing characters that are opposite his own personality...thus the moody types...Oh, the bit where he playfully strangles the host is when the host showed a clip of Richard bare chested...  He's embarrassed by that...♥

I could literally watch this all day. Ahhhh, I was fangirling like…

Boy, he's looking right at the person who took this pic ~ PopcornTaxi-10.jpg

Popcorn Taxi played host to Thorin Oakenshield himself, Richard Armitage, prior to an encore screening of The Hobbit.

Wow. Just... Wow. Words I could say would wreck the beauty of this, so let's just sit in stunned silence.

Richard Armitage giving his all and understanding his memorable character Thorin The Hobbit

Richard Armitage quote--Obviously, I am not a world-famous actor like Richard here, but he and I obviously feel the same way about music. :) Certain songs just make me burst out blubbering, and other ones make me smile. And other ones make me start play-acting that I was just shot by an arrow in the stomach and I'm dying or something.

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