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"Calm down. It's just a few people." Cole explained. "A few! How many are a 'few'!?" "700 people."

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@tyffiii •.♡ Follow me on Instagram @stef.s_style for daily fashion & lifestyle updates of myself

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If I was mega rich, I would so do that. I would go into restaurants and buy everybody's meal once a month. I would actually be a good person about it, unlike most of the mega rich people. I told my mom if I ever win the lottery the first thing I'm doing is buying a bunch of jelly bellies and that says a lot I think. I also want to go to Disney world because I've never been

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This is weird. I go to a private school and I have all my life and I'm now on a scholarship so it's free and I have never seen anyone act like this. Wow.

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Rich Instagram Kids Are Landing Their Parents In Jail...Find Out Why

When you brag about your opulent lifestyle on public social media, it can lead to trouble for you families in fraud cases.

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