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Rice farm hand carved rubber stamps. rice crop stamp. tadpole stamp. japanese stamp. summer holiday crafts. gift wrapping. set of 2

rice farm hand carved rubber stamps. rice crop by talktothesun


here a quick look in a rice harvest in Griffith NSW Australia and some number about rice crops.

On the hunt for a variety of rice that grows without the use of excess, damaging fertilizer, scientists are trying to combat the excessive nitrogen runoff that is greatly contributing to atmospheric pollution.


Ducks, geese and rice -- the next victims of California's drought?

Hundreds of thousands of birds nesting sites and food for millions more imperiled due to #cadrought impact on rice crops.

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Hokusai’s great wave is everywhere

The Rice Spoon is a traditional and beautiful Lowcountry utensil. As Charleston historically thrived on rice crops, these large spoons were often used to serve the popular food item during meals. Due to its historic significance and beauty, it stands as a token item in many Charlestonian’s homes today. This Rice Spoon makes a beautiful gift that adds a Lowcountry flare to any kitchen or dinner table.