Ribcage, unframed by marcgosselin

Interview with Marc Gosselin

anatomy lesson one: Studies of the Skull and Pelvis. (dA should have an anatomy section for the catagories D: . no idea where to put this v_v~) seriously kids, you should know this stuff xD;

Respire a beleza da vida, seja tão lindo por dentro quanto é por fora, sinta essas lindas flores nascendo dentro de você

Illustrations by Mizenscen

Love the idea. I'd have the tattooed flowers on my rib cage, but with realistic ribs over them. Almost as if the flowers were growing inside me

Rib Cage Watercolor Print Anatomy Watercolor Art by LyonRoad #chiropractic Chiropractic Arts Center of Austin, P.C. :: www.cacaustin.com :: (512) 346-3536

Rib Cage Watercolor Print - Anatomy Watercolor Art Print - Rib Art Print

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/209752443/floral-anatomy-ribcage-print-of-oil

Floral Anatomy: Ribcage Print of Oil Painting - Anatomical Art Print - Human Body - Medical Art

Rib Cage Stencil by WonderStrumpet on Etsy

Rib Cage Stencil

"I tried to forget   But you grew roots around my ribcage   And sprouted flowers   Just below my collarbones.   All day I pluck their petals   But I have not yet ascertained   Whether you love me   Or not"

Signed by the artist (Cassie Meder), numbered, lustre print of watercolor orchids growing from ribcage. By Cassie Meder.