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Can Visual Art Have a Rhythm?

Principles of Rhythm and Contrast What is Rhythm? Rhythm, in art, is a visual beat.For example, the colors of a piece can convey rhythm, .

Rhythm - Definition and Examples of Rhythm

Definition, Usage and a list of Rhythm Examples in common speech and literature. Rhythm is a literary device which demonstrates the long and short patterns through stressed and unstressed syllables particularly in verse form.

4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving - have fun in the rain and learn about rhythm too!

Rainy Day Nursery Rhymes : Songs for a Rainy Day

4 Rain Rhymes to Get Kids Moving. They can get out of their seats, spread out, and dance to our rain songs. This gives them some wiggle time and come back to the lesson refreshed.

Normal Sinus Rhythm Definition 202639 - Cure Sinusitis

Normal Sinus Rhythm Definition 202639 - Cure Sinusitis

GREAT kindergarten activity for music class! Definitely trying this one! You could use any song and just tell them when to pass and when to play (on the beat). This is a fun way to let them play several instruments in one class.

What a great idea for playing instruments in large classes! Have groups of 4 sit around a hoola hoop! The music comes from "Strike Up the Rhythm Band" by Michael and Jill Gallina.

Rhythm Pizza and fractions!

Rhythm Pizza on Foam Board

Rhythm Pizza I posted Rhythm Pizza on July if you want to go back and read about it. Today I decided to put my 4 pages of Rhythm Pizza on foam board.