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Roll a Rhyme - Rhyming Activity {FREE}

My toddler has begun to take a big interest in rhyming words. Just a few weeks ago, I happened to mention the fact that her name rhymes with her absolute favorite cartoon character. I kept saying the two names back-to-back, saying, “They rhyme.” Ever since then, we have made a lot more rhyming word pairs …

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Here we are again - another month of AMAZING bloggers getting together to share some Bright Ideas. This time I'd like to share some idea...

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Find & Rhyme - Gross Motor Rhyming Game

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Whack-a-word! Call out a key word & whoever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it... This activity could be applied to lots of things – e.g. rhyming words, colours, shapes, number problems etc (“,)

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Phase 3 Picture Word Dominoes

5 sets of dominoes covering the vowel diagraphs and trigraphs with the exception of ure. Set 1 - ai & ee Set 2 - igh & oa Set 3 - oo & oo (u) Set 4 - ur & ow Set 5 - oi, ear, air & er C...

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Homemade word dominoes game for CVC words

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