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Five Garden Snails Poem


Eminem - Rhyme or Reason - [Lyric Video & Colored Rhyme Scheme]

Not blaming all my problems on my dad, But Eminem is my therapy! I can relate & Opens up my mind to inspiration & faith.

Loco/ Loca!! It's Like Handling A Psycho Loaded Handgun!!Eminem - Rhyme Or Reason (Lyrics) HD

That's basically the girl I hate. She will do ANYTHING for attention and so many people like her but she's mean and fake af and not to mention she talks shit behind her friends backs and the only reason people like her is because she's overly open about her bisexuality (not saying lgbt is bad or anything (I'm pan)) she makes me almost hate being pan because she is WAY overly expressive about it and she makes straight people feel like shit (some of my friends who are straight told me) I hate…


▶ Eminem - Rhyme Or Reason (Lyrics). My fav. Eminem song at the moment!! :-D <3


Nursery Rhyme Craft for Kid - This is such a cute idea for a Humpty Dumpty craft for toddler, preschool, or Kindergarten!


Just about sums it up. I don't know if I don't care or if I care too much.

from darktea

23 ideas for the first page of your journal or notebook

A new notebook is fantastic until you open it to the first blank page and wonder what to write. Here are some ideas on what to do with the first page.