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16 Fabulous Red Lipsticks Everyone Should Definitely Try

Ny hårfärg, igen! (Lindas Sminkblogg)

Sedan jag färgade håret rött har det gått igenom en massa olika färger.. rött-rött, koppar, dassig röd, rosa-röd, dassig koppar, grå-röd.. allt med diverse färgbomber. Innan idag vågade jag mig på Revlons färgbomb i Purple red, som jag känt mig lite feg...

MAC Lipstick Drugstore Dupes | Makeup Tutorials

Splurge or Save: The Best MAC Drugstore Makeup Dupes

MAC Lipstick Drugstore Dupes | Makeup Tutorials


Make-Up Dupes + Alternatives: Part II

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Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. has the swatches. ~I love these. Theyre so soft, the perfect medium between chapstick and gloss. I have Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, And Pink Truffle. I plan on getting Rasberry Pie, Macaroon, Red Velvet, Cherry Tart, and Creamsicle. I will update this when I do!


23 Great Make-Up Looks for Black Women's Skin

There's nothing like dark berry or bodascious red lips on brown skin!! Once, at a club about 15 years ago, I was rocking some Revlon 'Cherries In the Snow' lipstick. A cat came up to me and said, "Your lips look like a slice of cherry pie!" Needless to say, I smiled...and the two of us had a great laugh.