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Revenge Season 5

Alaska should win Rupaul's Drag Race !!! "Chaz Bono came out of Cher's vagina." Lmao... @Kristin Cowling @Amanda Ansell

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Sherlock season 4<<<<< Have you seen how they describe Moffat and Gatiss? "The master torturers of fans across the globe" They are so right

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'Vampire Diaries' scoop: Meet six fresh faces for season 5

The new Silas. "Damon has always been the one to be the smartass who outclasses everyone else. So it's nice,'' Wesley says. ''I'm getting my revenge for playing droopy, sad Stefan for five years.''

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Doctor Who Official on

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Hook and Rumplestiltskin. Once Upon A Time Season 5 Episode 10

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Demily (Revenge, Season 1) I wanted them to be together properly so much but he stopped that from happening

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