Pink. Pink Skates. Pink Roller Skates. Skate Away. Retro. Vintage. Pink…

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In every vintage high school movie is the roller disco the place where the magic happens. I onder if the roller disco still exists? I want to go there once! (in pink roller skates of course)

Retro roller skates - saw a ton of these in Switzerland

Les pulsions mode du mois d'avril : envie de soleil à la rédac !

yes, what ever happened to roller skates!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Melbourne's Backstage Dresser has quickly become one of our new favourite local labels. Newly found by Sara Tresiglavic and Crystal Wang, Backstage Dresser embraces beauty and charm contained by.

5 Things every derby parent should know

5 Things every derby parent should know

Retro retro retro vintage Skates: had them even though I never could really skate.