Retro Football

Before the days of the Lottery....The Pools, I remember my dad in the other room while we all had to be very quiet or else ha ha

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I remember having to be quite on a Sat while my Dad waited for the results to come in, There was something soothing about places like Partick Thistle and Bolton Wanders!

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Sports Biscuits. I devoured plenty of these little biscuits in my time fishing the soggy remains out of the bottom of my tea cup after dunking. Back in the 70’s they mainly confined sports activities to proper Olympic sports, football, swimming and tennis, to name but a few…

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Lincoln biscuits were fab. You nibbled around the edges line by line. You had to do it without breaking the biscuit.

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One of the best football managers the English game has ever seen, Brian Clough (1967 here). There can be only one!

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