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Details about LOVE HEARTS/Retro Sweets/Wedding Favours,Engagement,Party,Kids Bags,FREE P&P

LOVE HEARTS/Retro Sweets 100 rolls £8.97

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Vintage food adverts

From Bovril to Bird's custard: retro food advertisements from some of Britain's most beloved brands.

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retro crisps - chipsticks, frazzles, tubes, monster munch, space raiders

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Top 10 retro treats

Retro sweets. Assorted Toffo flavours.

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New book takes a nostalgic look at our favourite foods of yesteryear

A new book takes a gloriously nostalgic look at our favourite foods of yesteryear

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JAN MOIR: Back in flavour! Why ARE we turning to nostalgic nosh to help us cope with the recession

A 1970s Angel Delight poster. Loved the butterscotch flavour - still do!

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19 retro sweets that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY

A postcard from "The Museum of Childhood" Edinburgh which I love visiting, for postcards and of course the nostalgic toys and games as well. Space Dust was very popular in the and as it exploded on your tongue. From my personal collection.

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Mackintosh's (wonderfully yummy looking) Weekend Candy Assortment, 1958. I used to love these!!

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Lincoln biscuits were fab. You nibbled around the edges line by line. You had to do it without breaking the biscuit.

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Marathon & Opal Fruits as they were then called (now Snickers and Starburst)

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