1971 Serro Scotty Hilander For Sale

~~ THIS TRAILER IS NOW SOLD ~~ 71 Serro Scotty Hilander Sleeps two in the couch bed, one in the loft, and one on the dinette. We have replaced rotten beams and fixed all leaks. Camper has all new i…

Vintage Camper Trailers | Featured Trailer – Pink Shasta Compact FOR SALE!

~~ SOLD~~ Isn’t it every little big girls dream to have a pink Shasta Compact? This adorable 1972 Shasta Compact trailer named “Tea Rose” is owne…

Cheltenham Springbok    Lydia, the owner of this rare Cheltenham caravan, explains, "We were looking for the perfect retreat, and at first we purchased a beach hut. Although it was lovely, it wasn't mobile, so we tried narrowboating. That was too restrictive so we bought a Cheltenham Fawn. We were hooked."

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1957 Cardinal Deluxe

~ ~ THIS TRAILER IS NOW SOLD ~ ~ 1957 Cardinal Deluxe “Canned Ham” Our 2017 project is complete! This 1957 Cardinal Deluxe has been meticulously restored to it’s original glory by western des…