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Some 18,000 airline pilots will reach the mandatory retirement age over the next seven years, but finding replacements is becoming a huge challenge. After the deadly 2009 crash of a commuter plane near Buffalo, New York, Congress raised the requirements to fly, increasing the training cost to more than $100,000 dollars a pilot. Kris Van Cleave reports on how JetBlue is exploring a controversial solution.


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NewRetirement: A New Approach to Retirement Planning

The first baby boomers are turning 70 in 2016. While many predicted that boomers would continue working long past retirement age, Gallup reports that only about a third of the oldest boomers are still working, about the same proportion as the pre-boomer generation. Shutterstock As this generation continues to leave the workforce, [...]

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Dividing Assets in an Oregon Divorce: Part 1

When divorcing during retirement age the division of assets can be especially important for both parties. Find out more about the way division of assets is viewed in Oregon in our newest article: #Divorce #Oregondivorce #dividingassets #Retirement #Oregon #Familylaw

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