That's my motto. That is also mostly why I am broke. School is the rest.

Best Days to Shop for Everything!

When clothes shopping becomes too high a priority to a person and their life begins to revolve around it, it has become unhealthy. Shopping for clothes is something that a person can grow to be dependent on for its escapism qualities.

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Retail therapy | Initial Outfitters

Retail therapy | Initial Outfitters

Of Course I'm Educated- I Have a degree in Retail Therapy! Lol love shopping…

Oh darling. I am not a Smart Ass, I am a skilled and trained professional in pointing out the obvious.

Every time!

Or I'm really happy, let's go buy shit. Or I'm sad, let's go buy shit.

cool idea to do our banana republic logo in lettering on tables-great for SIS or on the ginormous center tables at republic

Retail Therapy: {SHED, Healdsburg} (Apartment 34)