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Industrial Style Clothing Pipe Rack Display Designed by William Roberts Vintage this clothing pipe rack display is perfect for home or


Copper Pipe Industrial Clothing Rack. Industrial Retail Clothing and Garment Rail. Store Fixture

best clothing rack ideas from the chicest shops!

I love the look of this piping suspended from the ceiling, and that becoming the rack. Perhaps we could use steel or titanium piping?


Black Pipe Industrial Clothing Rack - Box Rack - Retail Clothing Rack - Double Sided

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Copper Pipe Clothing Rail

This copper (rose gold colour) clothing rail will complement your home, shop for retail display, or studio.Baskets, shoes and other items can be placed along the bottom bars for extra storage or the bottom can be left open to highlight the airy, minimal construction. Each garment rack is made to order from industrial copper pipes and fittings in our Brighton studio by the sea. Once finished your rail will be sanded, polished and sprayed with a strong coating to ensure it keeps its bright…


visual #merchandising Gorgeous wall but also the clothes are broken up by how they place them, some sideways and some straight on. Also notice the shoes are super neat and not all the same height and broken up a little by color.