Yay! It's rest day! Ehh, now what?

Today was my rest day! My house needed it lol i got a lot done tonight. Back at it tomorrow with Shaun T and Friday Fight: Round 2 :)

Day #6 30 Day Real Time Challenge REST DAY http://www.bodyrock.tv/2013/10/11/30-day-real-time-challenge-6/

. keep calm and... rest

After walking/running over 30 miles this week, I am SO THANKFUL that tomorrow is my rest day. These legs need some recovery time :) Thank you Dabbs for being there every step of the way! You help me stay motivated and I am so glad you are my workout buddy

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I love my boyfriend so much😊 but our dates are usually at the cheer gym cuz he's a cheerleader too so yay!

For most of my training clients Sunday's are a scheduled rest day. It is definitely a day to reflect on what you've accomplished and plan for the coming week. What's most important about rest day is recovery! This is the time your body restock it's glycogen stores, you minimize fatigue, reduce the risk of overuse and over training injuries, you avoid mental burnout and you allow your body to repair itself. Don't skip training days and don't skip rest days. Your body deserves it! #RestDay…

Crossfit for bulldogs. I wonder if the CFTF American Bulldog would play with our rings :-)

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Gym humor

Can You Actually Pass A Driving Test?

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. i do this all the time haha

I hate rest day.

then your trainer steps up your workouts, your sore, your spent, still loving it.you then start to appreciate the rest day.