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YES you do BITCH...your consequences are from YOUR behavior...we just reacted to it...YOU should be VERY scared of me...My father is a wealthy man..when he found out what you did..he made sure to take care of it...slowly and quietly...I have someone always watching you..on daddys dime...I just sit back and laugh at what a depressed mess you are...the future holds so much happiness for me...not you.

Quote About Taking Responsibility - Dr. Phil

Too late! sucks you can't delete pics off my phone, I'm too smart not to collect evidence.its called educated vs. dumbass, u really should know how to play the game u start messing in people's relationships! Tip of the day, u can thank me later 😂

"Do not let someone's irresponsibility become your responsibility."  -Sharon…

So incredibly proud of myself.I have paid in benefits dentist appointments and prescriptions in one year.And paid back the government 733 of the money I owe them.Feeling like a great person.I can look back and say people were wrong about me.

Nobody owes me anything, I'll own it by hard honest work and decency! I'm a Proud Republican and I'm tired of individuals whining and demanding equality! IF YOU WANT EQUALITY "ACT EQUAL, NOT ENTITLED " SHUT UP AND GO TO WORK, YOU'RE NOT BETTER OR SPECIAL!!!!! YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A FREE RIDE TO THE TOP, YOU GOTTA CLIMB LIKE US!

So sad right now that these kids today are "Immature Thinking". Whatever happened to "Mature Thinking"?

19 Likes, 2 Comments - Ms. T (@originalzee) on Instagram: “☜ Inner circle only  #SelfMastery”

19 Likes, 2 Comments - Ms. T (@originalzee) on Instagram: “☜ Inner circle only #SelfMastery”

own the responsibility. It's yours. Dr. Phil...If it ain't workin for ya...

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. who knewwww all my choices? certainly don't even know the first one's

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