poor azmah cat

Lol my poor asthma kitty! - but this is actually what an asthma spacer chamber device looks like for a cat! I know - one of my cats has asthma.


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When your alarm goes off and you have to go to work because you didn't die in your sleep. Memes. Kermit memes.

Every morning I think to myself "If I killed the rest of humanity would I still have to get up?

Nurse humor.

571 entries are tagged with nurse. nursing friendships are a different kind of love, like i'll ld the cheeks while you clean the crack kinda love!

Iron Lungs - WTF fun fact

Iron Lungs - WTF fun fact

Best Respiratory Therapy Slogan Ever!

Funny Respiratory Therapy Quotes and Slogan: The Best I've Seen!