kogaionon: “ Reservoir Dogs “Bubblegum Pop” by John Barry Ballaran / DeviantArt / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Store 24" x 36" 7 color screen print, edition of 60. Join this FB group if you want a...

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Reservoir Dogs - the first time audiences saw this gory, blood thirsty action flick, people realized the future director of "pulp fiction" was something special.

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Reservoir Dogs (1992) by Quentin Tarantino ♥♥♥♥♥ After a simple jewelery heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant

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Comic-Style Cinema Characters - Joshua Budich Pays Tribute to Movies with These Illustrated Posters (GALLERY)

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Reservoir Dogs - Simple movie poster featuring the famous 'walking cool' scene #GangsterMovie #GangsterFlick

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Reservoir Dogs (1992) Quentin Tarantino. Starring Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth & Michael Madsen. A stellar cast, action, violence, drama and great dialogue; everything you would expect from a Tarantino movie.

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