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This is amazing. I have wanted to throw wild flower seeds in my yard's bare patches for years but was too scared. What was I scared of? This is beauty au naturel!

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Lawns: How to Reseed

Lawn redo- start by getting sample and killing grass (when your growing more weeds than grass)

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How to Successfully Divide & Transplant Hostas in Your Yard

How To Divide & Transplant Hostas - Separating large hosta plants is the perfect way to get free plants for your garden, but the trick is knowing how to divide and transplant hostas correctly!

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Scotts Turf Builder 2 in 1 Reseeding Mix for Sun and Shade Lawns - Grass Seed - Scotts

Rose Campion....Related to dusty miller, and with the same fuzzy silvery foliage, but loads of brilliant 1" magenta flowers that sparkle like jewels from any distance. Produces a LOT of seeds, so can spread, but not invasive. Silvery foliage is a great aspect of this perennial.

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How to reseed the chicken run without removing the chickens. I have a feeling this will come in handy in the future!

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Lawn seeding is not just for patchy or thin grass but to choke out crabgrass and other weeds. Reseeding an entire lawn is easiest to finish in the fall when these weeds go into dormancy.