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Naples garlic The structure of garlic could be mistaken for exquisite coloured glass. When a tiny stem section is stained with toluidine blue, a dye that builds up in the acidic parts of tissue, nucleic acids show up in blue. The dark spot is a bundle of vascular tissue that carries nutrients and fluids up the stem. The full image is a composite of 55 shots.

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Muscle fibre, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). I changed my mind, I want to be a scientist and study EVERYTHING!

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The Voyager Golden Record was compiled by two people in love: the astronomer Carl Sagan, and Ann Druyan, the creative director of the project, who he would later marry. Druyan... recorded the electrical impulses of her brain and nervous system, her heartbeats... which were the sounds of a woman swept away: by a man, by ideas, by the power of sending their love out into eternity... Love, golden, close to eternal, flying at impossible speeds through the heavens.

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Time Machine

The inspiration for this Mixed Media Canvas came from me thinking about a Steam Punk Scientist’s mind… a female scientist. If she was imagining all types of flying machines, a time mach…

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BIRTHDAY BLUEPRINT: Mad Scientist Party they used white plastic trash bags as lab coats, embelished with shaprie pen pockets etc.

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A Swiss scientists named Martin Oeggerli uses a Scanning Electron Microscope in his cellar to capture images of pollen grains.

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Two decades after the Hubble space telescope released an awe-inspiring image of the Eagle nebula's 'Pillars of Creation', it's now captured an even more stunning image of this magnificent gas giant.

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Brain freeze: Skull ice molds!

Skull Ice Mold – “Let me have that on the skulls please” A set of Skull Ice Molds. You can make ice cubes, chocolates for Halloween, soap or whatever wild ideas you can think of the usage for.

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