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..Bernie or BUST. No Faux Feminist, Fracking, Monsanto Money Republican War Hawk hillary for this 63 yr. old STAUNCH Feminist since 1967. hillary brutally betrayed all women playing the Rich White Power Man's Game of Blame & Shame 20 Women ACCUSING bill clinton of Rape & sexual assault. While working as a MCSW 4 The Feds in 91-99, I WATCHED hillary LIE on National TV blaming bill's victims. She repeatedly SILENCED his accusers. TOO MANY WOMEN TO DENY.


FORMER GEO W BUSH COMMUNICATIONS CHIEF TELLS REPUBLICANS TO VOTE FOR HILLARY Nicolle Wallace: Foreign Policy Conservatives Should Consider Hillary for President - Breitbart

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Clinton Questions Being Part Of The Establishment -

Truth is truth even if no one believes it; A lie is a lie even if everyone believe it.


‘Imagine President Trump.’ Another conservative paper can’t, endorses first Democrat since 1868.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, long a bastion of conservatism in the West, broke a 148-year-long streak of endorsing Republicans for president and told its readers on Friday to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Faithless Electors Are Not Brave

In Texas, 38 electors — one from each congressional district and two chosen in a statewide vote — will gather in Austin, and almost all of them will cast their ballots for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President–elect Mike Pence. The exception is likely to be Christopher Suprun, who argues that “electors should unify behind a Republican alternative, an honorable and qualified man or woman such as Gov. John Kasich of Ohio.” Suprun is not the only faithless elector nationwide. In…

WELCOME: Republicans for Hillary, that is a demonstration of some sanity from them at least. True, Though I'm hoping for Bernie, if Hilary is the only Dem Choice I will vote for her, and yeah though I wish those possible Hilary republicans would vote 4 Bernie, them voting for Hilary is not so bad.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton surge ahead after key primary wins

Resounding wins for Hillary Clinton allow her to focus on Trump, whose victory knocked Rubio out in big night for the Republican and Democratic frontrunners