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Oil exports from US jump to record as shale output booms - - #NCT

from The Huffington Post

Republican Senators Call Trump's Debate Performance 'Interesting'

Others avoided answering questions about it, particularly their nominee's fat-shaming of a Miss Universe.


Republican Senator Tries to Turn US into Canada with Workplace Protection for LGBT Community ~ RJ Giglio | Henry Harbor

from The Daily Signal

Cruz, Lee Say DOJ Favors Abortion Clinics Over Churches

The Republican senators argue the government needs to better ensure the rights of “all American citizens,” not just some.(Cruz and Mike,fighting for Christians. :)

Republican Senators Say Now’s the Time to Cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

8 Republican Senators Break Rank: We SHOULD Consider Obama’s Nominee

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama with acting US ambassador to Cuba Jeffrey DeLaurentis in Havana. Republican senators pledged to block his appointment (surprise surprise)

Both Republican Senators From Deep Red Alaska Call On Trump To Quit Presidential Race


Clueless Republican Senator Says Grabbing A Woman’s Genitals Isn’t Sexual Assault

Fred Thompson dies after losing his battle with lymphoma aged 73